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We are ready to design a web page, that you have always been dreaming of! Unique web design - no templates or seen ideas - everything new and functional. We have 33 secret weapons which we use in viscous internet swamps. We pay a lot of attention to website's optimization as for today a website has to be friendly and well known for search engines such as Google. It doesn't matter if you are a tiny firm or a mighty one or just YOU - we will find the right solution for you.

In our creation process we use such technologies as Flash and Flash ActionScript; less PHP, Ajax, JavaScript, MySQL for databases. If you are ready for non-traditional and more effective visual solution - we recommend animated Flash site, which will attract users' attention even more (be ready for greater investments too). We work according 3.3 standards (Web 2.0 is resting :). Experiments are one of our main features, which are guiding us all the time.

Some of the 33 steps, which you will take with us:

1. Register a domain for you.
4. Create an attractive website from A to Z.
9. Enliven it with flash animation.
13. Construct a logo.
19. Host your page for a desired time in our virtual server (hosting).
25. Deliver the solutions for search engine optimization (SEO).
29. Advertise your site .
33. Administrate and dust down your website.

For the prices please contact us here.

We construct fast and professionally (usually 333 hours :)). What we do or what we can create, watch here.





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